Identifying challenges 


Expensive pay-outs


Lack of visibility and monitoring


Complex and time-consuming 
payment processes 

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Sukesh Malliah

Regional Director – Asia Pacific 

We have adopted a proactive strategy of constant engagement with our partner...Our focus has been to assist our client in achieving success by listening to their challenges and seeking their feedback on consistently improving our services.

Our approach 

We collaborate to innovate. Our approach to driving success and addressing our client’s challenges was rooted in meaningful collaboration, trust and communication, backed by a strong payments infrastructure and unmatched compliance capabilities, resulting in:  

Mask group (23)-2


success rate 

Mask group (21)-1


transactions completed in <1 minute  

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unique receivers, with coverage of all the leading banks in the region

With customised global payment solutions, we empowered our client to bring down the existing barriers of slow, opaque, expensive, and inefficient payments while pushing the boundaries of borderless growth. 

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